Ania Witwitzka


Ania writes about her paintings:
“Painting for me is a physical process as I mainly work with my hands. I allow the internal landscapes to take shape as I am guided by my favourite colours and I surrender to a journey into the unknown. I put my intellect in the co-pilot seat and invite a more intuitive part of me to direct the route on the canvas. The result is chaos that eventually is ordered into something recognisable that I could not have thought out solely with my intellect. I am often surprised by the result myself and fascinated by how life can shape itself without me needing to control it.
The method that has inspired me to paint intuitively is called Vedic Art, a method that I also teach.”

Ania Witwitzka is a graphic designer and artist, working mainly with painting and performance. Born in Sweden by Polish decent, she was brought up in an environment of artists. Following an established career as a graphic design professional in Sweden she made a commitment to deepen her creative skills which led to a course of study of art and performance in England. She currently lives in England where she exhibits her artwork, gives workshop, works with performance, does freelance work as a graphic designer as well as gives lectures and workshops within Higher Education.